VR Vets Mission Statement


VR Vets is a 501c3 non-profit driven by the idea that there are no better candidates to work in the entertainment industry than a returning US Veteran. With that in mind, our team of Hollywood-based film, tv,  streaming, and gaming professionals came together to form the Board of Directors of VR Vets. 

Our team is here to enhance the quality of life of United States veterans through our VR training, mentorship, and career placement program. We are not a school and are not forced to follow the strict guidelines that a traditional trade school typically follows. Our programs are more of a mentorship and an apprenticeship program rather than a pay-to-learn multi-year program.

The VR Vets Mentor program is an innovative career placement system developed to assist Veterans transitioning to the civilian job market. 

Through the VR Vets Mentor Program, military personnel are teamed up with experienced virtual reality (VR) mentors who guide them through the process of building a successful career.

The success that VR Vets is that our programs are not designed around book learning but rather hands-on advanced training followed by on-set application in a real-world environment.  

Some of our launch programs include:

Unreal Engine for Virtual Set Design

Axcemitry for Augmented Reality

Tricaster & Vmix for Live switching both with and without an LED wall

Camera Jib as a precursor to VR Tracking software

Audio for Production & Virtual Production

Lighting for Production & Virtual Production 


Many VR studios are already on the roster to bring on the VR Vets’ mentees. Each of our mentorship programs is staffed with industry professionals still working on some of the industry’s most notable projects and shows. 

From the very first day of a Veteran’s mentorship, they will begin learning their particular trade skill and interacting with an invaluable cross-section of industry professionals. Each VR Vets mentor will instill many personal networking do’s and don’ts that can save their mentees years of struggle that many non-mentored industry inductees face. 

There has been so much excitement in and around the VR space in the past few years that we are genuinely proud that we have developed a program that will not only enhance the quality of applicants that will be working on fantastic upcoming projects. VR Vets can also enhance the quality of life and create the best form of a thank you to those that have proudly served our Country.