VR Showcase

Kiss The Girl – Captured Live on a Burbank Based LED Wall October 4th 2022

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert dance to an original version of Kiss The Girl from Disney’s, The Little Mermaid. Special thanks to the all the amazing artists who helped make this project possible including, Brent Morgan [https://www.tiktok.com/@brentmorganmu…] covering his rendition of the song. Music co-produced by Derek Hough, Joseph McQueen and Nick Rosen. Mix / Master by Jospeh McQueen and all instruments by Nick Rosen. Also recognizing the incredible group of talent who assembled so quickly and professionally:

Mark and his full team at WET [https://wetdesign.com/]
James Thomas, Director [http://www.jameshthomas.com/]
Sunny Zhao, DP [https://www.sunnyzhao.com/]
Sarote Tabcum Jr., Producer [https://www.vfxtechnologies.com/]
Post production by Dreams Factory: http://www.dreamsfactory.com/
Editor, Colorist. Visual effects design/compositor, Online finishing and final audio mix by Sunny Zhao
Ron R. Anantavara, Virtual Production Producer
Maria Villamil, Production Mgr
Alon Hammer, VP Tech Artist
Robert Pfleider, UE Artist
Ted Stewart, 1st AC
Justin Edelman, Camera / Stedicam Op
Otto Gaiser, Gaffer Zach Trout,
Key Grip
Hailey Drugas, Camera PA
Charles Anantavara, DIT
Kevin Kim, Systems / LED Tech David Knight,
Production Assistant
Juan Carlos Lopez & Absolute Live Productions, Jib Ops [https://www.absoluteliveproductions.com/]

Virtual Camera Moves with Aximmetry for The NTWRK’S HULU Activation. March 2022

The pre-production and production of NTWRK’s Hulu activation was a complex process that required the collaboration of several teams across multiple departments. The task was to create a virtual set in the world of The Orville, utilizing Unreal Engine and Aximmetry.

The first step was to develop a concept for how to bring the world of The Orville to life. This included coming up with an idea on how to design the environment, as well as determine which virtual camera movements would be necessary and what tools and technologies would be used to achieve them. To accomplish this, Absolute Live Productions’ tech team got together with the creative team and discussed their vision for the project. They then began consulting with the NTWRK’s creative team detailing how they planned on bringing their ideas to life using Unreal Engine, Aximmetry, green screen technology, and Elgato Streamdeck for virtual motion control.

Once everything had been planned out, it was time to begin production. This involved assembling all the necessary equipment such as cameras, lights, and computers needed to capture the footage needed for each scene within the virtual set. This is where Absolute Live Production’s tech team came in handy again; they handled all of the virtual technical tasks and The NTWRK’s team handled the live stream. After that was finished, it was time for the live stream.

All these tasks were vital in order make sure that viewers watching at home could have an immersive virtual experience that felt like they were right inside The Orville themselves!

Overall, pre-production and production of NTWRK’s Hulu activation was very detailed oriented work that required patience, skill, collaboration between different teams, good communication between all parties involved, flexibility when things didn’t go according to plan, creativity when thinking outside of normality was required – ultimately ensuring that viewers had an unforgettable experience!