Camera Jib Mentorship

Jib Mentorship Program  

Jib Training Course for Jib Assistant, Jib Tech, and Jib Operators.

Jib Expert & Program Instructor –  Mike Brown – Air Force Veteran  

Mikes Company –  The Human Jib

Jib Operation Basic Training:

Location – Phoenix Arizona & Virtual Line 

Pre-Request – Applicant should have a general knowledge of Professional Camera Operation, Lensing & Shot Composition. 

Basic Training – The course will offer training in the following areas 

Jib Camera

Jib Assembly

Jib Safety

Jib Maintenance 

Jib Basic Operation 

Field Jib Op Apprentice Program:  Following a successful review and a certificate from our Jib Op Basic Training Program, The student is now qualified to join our JOAP program.   

The JOAP program offers the following opportunity:  

A gig-based paid apprenticeship as a working Jib Assistant.  This position will carry with it all of the responsibilities and opportunities of a full-fledged Jib Assistant. They will work on a set of real industry projects and be integrated into the crew. 

They will be listed on the VR Vets website roster as a Jib assist apprentice. They will hold the title of apprentice until they have either 5 employers give them a positive review or 1 employer hires them 10 times with a positive review. Following the window of time of receiving positive reviews, the apprentice title will be dropped and they will now be considered a full-fledged Jib Assistant. Once they are qualified as a Jib assistant, they will appear at the Jib assistant on the VR vets roster. 

Advanced Training (Advanced training is open to all Veterans that have either passed the basic training or are currently working with seasoned Jib operators on a first come first served basis.  )

Working with Mosys & Stype for VR Tracking with a Jib