VMIX Mentorship

The Vmix Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with one of the leading tools for creating multi-camera live-streamed productions. With Vmix, you can create high-quality shows, events, and more right from your computer using a single interface. The Vmix Mentorship Program will provide mentees with not only the technical skills needed to operate Vmix but also an insight into the overall workflow of producing a multi-camera live stream. 

Jack Lavey has been chosen as our mentor for this program. Jack brings years of experience in the industry, having produced thousands of successful projects over his career. He is an expert when it comes to creating live productions and knows Vmix inside and out. With Jack’s guidance, Vmix Mentorship Program participants will gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to become a Vmix Live Streaming pro.

The Vmix Mentorship Program is designed for eligible Veterans to take their live-streaming productions to the next level. Whether they are just getting started or are an experienced Vmix user looking for a refresher, this program has something for everyone. With hands-on learning from our mentor Jack Lavey, mentees will have the skills they need to create high-quality multi-camera production that stands out and draws attention.

This program will assist them to take control of their Vmix projects with the Vmix Mentorship Program! This comprehensive program will teach them Vmix from the ground up, covering everything from settings and controls to the overall workflow. With our mentor Jack Lavey leading the way, they will gain in-depth knowledge of Vmix that can be applied to their future projects. Learn how to create seamless transitions and polished visuals with Vmix today.

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