Tricaster Mentorship Program  

Training course for TriCaster Operator

Instructor – Kim Henderson, 20-year expert on NewTek hardware and live production, Commander, Sons of the American Legion Squadron 817

TriCaster Training Location – Burbank, California.

Prerequisites – Applicants should be familiar with Windows computers.


– Concepts of live production

– Mechanics of live production

– Introduction to NewTek TriCaster Switchers

– Setting up a TriCaster

– Registering and Updating the TriCaster

– Configuring your interface

– Configuring a new Session

– Configuring SDI and network inputs and outputs

– Configuring audio inputs

– Configuring recording options

– Configuring streaming options

– Adding media to players

– Using templates to create graphics

– Switcher Operations

– Keying graphics over video

– Configuring M/E buses as secondary switchers

– The Comps panel and Previs

– Switching the live show

– Exporting and converting video

– System shutdown and maintenance

TriCaster Apprentice Program: Following successful completion of the TriCaster training with certificate, the student will qualify for our TriCaster Apprentice program. 

The TriCaster Apprentice Program will give the student the opportunity to work as an apprentice TriCaster operator and be listed as such on the VR Vets website. Once they have worked on either 5 different shows with positive reviews from the employer, or have worked 10 times on one show with a positive reviews, the apprentice title will be dropped and they will now be considered a full TriCaster live operator.

Advanced Training: Once a student has completed the basic live operator training, they will have the opportunity to attend Advanced TriCaster training, which will include:

– Creating Animation Stores

– Creating Animated Transitions

– Using Datalink to populate text fields

– Using LiveGraphics

– Creating custom virtual sets with VSE

– Using LivePanel

– Using the Teleprompter

Once completed, the student will receive an notation on the VR Vets roster page that they have completed the Advanced Training.