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Join us for an exciting live training event brought to you by Absolutelive Productions! We are proud to announce our collaboration with jib operator Rachael Hastings, providing women in media and US veterans with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a state-of-the-art Stanton, Jimmy Jib.
Sponsored by Tiffen, Women in Media, and VRVets @ Absolute Live Productions, this event will take place in the parking lot outside Tiffen / Steadicam’s Burbank Facility. Our mission is to introduce newcomers to the world of Jib operations, offering them immersive training and professional mentorship. 
Following this event, we have plans to expand our training and mentorship program for both veterans and Women in Media participants. Your support is crucial in aiding VRVets, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentorship, training, and job placement for veterans in the virtual reality and production industries. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and go directly towards expanding our programs and supporting veterans.
Are you working on a project and in need of a talented jib operator like Rachael? Contact Absolute Live Productions today! We would be honored to collaborate with you on your projects. And if you mention VR vets during the ordering process, we will donate 20% of the rental fee directly to VRVets, helping them further their mission.
Come be a part of this incredible event and support our veterans!

VR VETS are currently taking donations. Please donate to VR VETS today to ensure we have the strength to our current business model. Click the DONATE and select an amount you feel comfortable donating to our cause. Thank You!


VR Vets is a 501c3 non-profit driven by the idea that there are   no better candidates to work in the entertainment industry than a  returning US Veteran. With that in mind, our team of Hollywood-based  film, tv, streaming, and gaming professionals came together to form the   Board of Directors of VR Vets. Our team is here to enhance the quality of   life of United States Veterans through our VR training, mentorship, and   career placement program.
The VR Vets Mentor program is an innovative career placement system   developed to assist veterans transitioning to the civilian job market. Through the VR Vets Mentor Program, military personnel are teamed up with experienced virtual reality (VR) mentors who guide them through the process of building a successful career.
Many VR studios are already on the roster to bring on the VR Vets’  mentees. Each of our mentorship programs is staffed with industry professionals still working on some of the industry’s most notable  projects and shows. VR Vets can also enhance the quality of life and create the best form of a thank you to those that have proudly served our country.

A Personal Note From Cybill Shepherd

“I have always had the highest level of respect for our Veterans and the personal sacrifice they have given to serve our country is something that we should all strive to recognize and appreciate. Working with VR Vets, I am proud to know that our Mentorship program is helping to give Veterans a chance to make a better life for them by providing quality training and career placement support. MORE

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